From attending worship to getting involved we are an open and inviting fellowship. 
We seek to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior and seek to help others follow Jesus with us. We do this through worship each Sunday morning. We also offer Bible classes for each age group Sunday Mornings at 9:30.
Growth in Christ occurs as we fellowship and learn together. Most Wednesday nights young adult and adult Bible studies take place at church.

Life groups meet in homes through the week and can be joined.


Our Sunday School class for teens is the starting point for activities and involvement. Our focus is on giving our teens a solid understanding  of the BIble and how faith intersects with life. Summer camps, talent festivals and college visits are all a part of what we offer.


Sunday School and Children’s church are offered every Sunday as well as a staffed nursery. All volunteers are background checked and must provide references as well as a testimony prior to being approved.


Mission Outreach

The diversity of our congregation is a testimony of our missional effectiveness. We serve locally through support of food banks the Rockville Women’s Health Clinic, and support of the Flower Valley ES in our neighborhood.



 As a part of the Worldwide Church of the Nazarene we support missions in more than 170 countries, with more than 30 colleges and seminaries. Our compassion ministries feed more than 20,000 children a day as well as provide for schooling. More than 700 missionaries serve as a part of our extended ministry.  


Prayer Warriors

Prayer cannot be overestimated. Prayer moves the hand of God. Each Sunday morning a few gather for united prayer at the altar. Opportunities for prayer happen through the week as groups meet.